Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment Sector

Sector Overview

The UAE currently manufactures a wide spectrum of machinery and equipment, and the growth of the machinery and equipment manufacturing sector is considered of vital importance. Factors driving the development of the market are the construction industry, increasing demand for cranes, and the developing trend toward automation and telematics.

The growth strategy is to capitalize on the product demand of home-grown manufacturers. This further empowering of the industry will lessen the requirement for high-value imports such as turbines, turbojets, pumps and compressors


Sector Key Numbers


Contribution to manufacturing value added in 2019

~10% of MVA

Machinery and Equipment sector contributes ~10% of the national MVA (2018)


Contribution increase in recent 5 years reaching about AED 15bn in 2019


The sector contribution to the GDP projected to increase by 164% over the next 10 years


Explore The Sector

The UAE manufactures a wide spectrum of machinery and equipment

The country will capitalize on the product demand of national champions

Empowering this sector will enable the substitution of high-value imports such as turbines, turbojets, and pumps and compressors.


Success Stories

Al Gharbia Pipe Company Success Story

"Al Gharbia Pipe Company was established in 2015 and started production in 2019. By the end of 2021, they had expanded their workforce to 190, effectively serving local industry and beyond. The ‘Make it in the Emirates’ campaign was the driving force that enabled Al Gharbia to expand their operation, leverage advanced technologies, and prioritize operational excellence in manufacturing globally reputed products. The resulting cost optimization and value chain enabled them to compete with importers to the UAE. Just two years after launching commercial production, they were awarded all ADNOC steel pipe orders, from simple drilling casing and onshore and offshore sour pipelines, meeting some of the most stringent requirements in the world".

Machinery and Equipment Sector Stories
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