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Secondary Aluminum

Secondary Aluminum

Secondary aluminum is produced in the form of green billets through the collection, sorting, melting, and casting of aluminum scrap

Value Propositions:

  • UAE produces approximately 2.2 million metric tons of aluminium per year, amounting to almost 4% of global aluminium production
  • UAE currently exports a minimum of 180kt/yr worth of aluminium scrap and waste. A source of feedstock that can be unlocked for local recycling plants.

Phase 1:

  • 100kt/yr of aluminium scrap capacity
  • Laws & regulations limiting exports and supporting local use of scrap

Phase 2 (After 5 years):

  • Increase plant capacity to 140kt/yr

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431.2 Mn

Investment size (AED) for a typical facility


Plant capacity per year


Projected IRR

326.15 Mn

Projected NPV (AED)

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

  • High
    localization in UAE
  • Limited
    localization in UAE
  • Mid
    localization in UAE
Scrap Collection and Sorting
Green Aluminum Billets

Market Size Bar Chart

Global and UAE market size
2022-2032 (Bn AED)

Secondary Aluminum Chart

Success Stories

Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) Testimonial

"Our cooperation with the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology enables EGA to work with others to achieve our bold aspirations for the future, both for our company and our nation. In 2021, we joined the In-County Value program, a step forward in growing our economic contribution in the UAE. EGA already accounts for 1.4 per cent of the economy, and by further localizing procurement we will grow that further and help achieve the goals of Operation 300bn"

Abdulnasser Bin Khalban

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