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Food Waste into Animal Feed

Opportunity Overview & Value Propositions

Waste-to-Feed facility involves collecting, processing and treatment of food waste using BSF Technology to produce high protein animal feed, with oil feed and soil as by-products

Value Propositions:

  • High per capita food waste generation in the UAE (around 197kg) generates a loss of around $3.5 billion per year
  • The facility can reduce import dependency on animal feed and possible supply bottlenecks; UAE currently imports ~1billion of soyabeans every year of which 85% used as poultry feed
  • The facility supports in closing the loop of food production; food waste is upcycled using Black Solider Fly (BSF) larvae technology into sustainable products that are sold back into the industry
  • The processing plant reduces the damage of methane emissions from landfills which represent the largest source of GHG emissions from the entire waste sector, ~700mt of CO2 per year
  • The facility reduces public health threats (i.e. Salmonella) and environmental risks caused by harmful disposal of food waste

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147 Mn

Investment size (AED) for a typical facility


Plant capacity per year


Projected IRR

43.9 Mn

Projected NPV (AED)

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

  • High
    localization in UAE
  • Limited
    localization in UAE
  • Mid
    localization in UAE
Collection & Sourcing
Initial Processing
BSF Larvae Rearing
Feed Treatment
Cleansing & Refining

Market Size Bar Chart

Global and UAE market size
2022-2032 (Bn AED)

Food Waste into Animal Feed Chart

Success Stories

Gracia Group Testimonial

"The (Make it in the Emirates) campaign illustrates the commitment of the UAE to growing the industrial sector by leading the agricultural sector and transforming productive farms into industrial production such as: greenhouses, process food, technology, etc. Governmental support is always the key to the success of any Emirati business".

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