Industrial Licensing Journey

How We Help

The Investment Office supports investors with identifying suitable financing solutions and assists with introductions to relevant funding partners, stakeholders and parties.

The Investment Office provides a range of materials for investors to access online including the Industrial Investment Guide, Industrial Investment Opportunities and Incentives and Enablers Guide. These guides provide investors with everything they need to know to start investing in the UAE.

The Investment Office assists both multinational and UAE companies to find suitable partners for possible Joint Ventures, M&A’s and investment projects to be launched in the UAE.

One of the key services provided by the Investment Office is the coordination and maintenance of relationships with governmental bodies, service providers, and non-governmental organizations. The Investment Office plays a key role in organizing and facilitating ad-hoc B2B and B2G meetings and assists with initial introductory connections and meetings with potential suppliers, customers and service providers based upon the needs of the related investment project and investors.

  • Engage with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology
  • Download the brand guidelines and join the movement to raise awareness.
  • Make sure your collateral, videos and content use the “Make it in the Emirates” mark.

The UAE’s industrial ecosystem is conducive to growth as industrialists can easily access financial, advisory and technical support to establish and develop their businesses. The country is blessed with a diverse energy mix and competitive utility prices. Topping regional and global indices in logistics, transport and communications, its advanced infrastructure comprises of 10 civilian airports, 105 cargo companies, as well as 12 marine and commercial trading ports capable of handling more than 17 million tons and a cargo capacity of 80 million tons annually. The UAE also ranks highly in global indicators that measure economic performance and ease of doing business, in addition to enjoying a strong credit rating. The country’s legislative framework is considered the most advanced in the region and its strategic location makes it a global link. Five billion people live within an eight-hour flight from the UAE.

The brand identity will be the same. However, Made in the Emirates is a quality mark and will be announced and launched later. It will become a symbol of, and source of pride in, the UAE’s products and services. Make it in the Emirates is a collaborative call to action.

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