Make it in the Emirates

Make it in the Emirates

Extending an open invitation to industrialists, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs to engage with Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology and to benefit from the UAE’s exceptional value proposition in order to fulfill their ambitions of developing, manufacturing and exporting their products.

Make it in the Emirates

Make it in the Emirates

Explore UAE's industrial landscape and national industrial strategy, which aims to position, grow and diversify the existing industrial base. We invite you to start your journey and become one of the ‘Make it in the Emirates’ success stories

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Key Numbers

AED 53 bn

Were invested by companies in the national economy in 2022 reflecting a 25% increase from 2021

AED 180+ bn

Projected contribution of the industrial sector to the GDP in 2022


New industrial production licenses were issued in 2022, a 20% increase over 2021


Products were identified in 2022 for local manufacturing through deals made with leading companies in the UAE

AED 300 bn

UAE Manufacturing Value Add targets in 2031

AED 110 bn

Value of potential local procurement agreements made by leading industrial companies during Make it in The Emirates Forum in 2022

USD 13.61 bn

Expected Output of high-tech companies by 2031

AED 174 bn

Value of industrial exports in 2022, according to UNIDO

AED 3.14 bn

Value of financing solutions provided to companies as part of a collaboration with Emirates Development Bank in 2022


factories were supported with their technological transformation roadmaps in 2022, bringing the total number to 275 factories

AED 699 mn

Value of financing facilities for industrial companies to adopt advanced technology solutions in 2022

AED 1.33 bn

Value of credit solutions in 2022 to enhance the sector’s export potential as part of a collaboration with Etihad Credit Insurance in 2022

AED 3.9 bn

Reduced cost due to exempting industrial production inputs from customs duties

AED 15 bn

Increase in industrial productivity by 2031

AED 3.1 bn

Initial value of 19 investment letters of intent signed in 2022


Products to be locally manufactured underwent a feasibility study to measure compatibility with MoIAT’s strategic sectors in 2022

AED 750 mn

Will be invested by companies in industry 4.0


UAE nationals employed in the private sector in 2022 through National ICV program


Benefits of Investing in UAE

The UAE offers an attractive value proposition with a range of competitive advantages as well as the ease of doing business for investors and foreign companies. The UAE is also a reliable supplier of energy and raw materials, has a best-in-class ICT infrastructure, is strategically located with world class logistics infrastructure and advanced technology capabilities.

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new Strategic Location

Strategic Location

The UAE has a strategic geographic location, positioned between Asia and Europe, it facilitates a significant access to the UAE market and expand across regional and global markets

Access to Market

Access to Growing Domestic and Export Market

The UAE provides legal and logistical advantages and facilities through a legislative and regulatory framework that gives the access to growing domestic and export market, such as: the In-Country-Value program supporting local manufacturing and access to free trade with high-growth markets such as GCC, GAFTA, India and Indonesia, among others

Stable Business Environment

Stable and Business-Friendly Environment

The UAE has an attractive business environment for local and international industrial investors and provides an industrial ecosystem by introducing a range of incentives to complement the UAE’s supportive legislative framework. The country offers its business community a stable and thriving environment

World Class Infrastructure and Connectivity

World Class Infrastructure and Connectivity

The UAE has a highly qualified and developed infrastructure and world-class industrial infrastructure with vibrant business eco (UAE is ranked #10 globally for infrastructure in the LPI index) boasts the best-in-class Information and Communications Technology infrastructure, ranked first in the Arab region and 10th globally in the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2021 report. Global logistic hub with excellent connectivity with all key markets

Ease of Doing Business

The UAE is Top 10% country globally in Ease of Doing Business (ranked 16th by the World Bank), has a stable legislation system, and an adaptive government with a track record, which allows 100% foreign business ownership, customs exemptions on raw materials & equipment. Also, Manufacturing specifications aligned with international standards


UAE Rankings

The UAE offers a variety of opportunities to investors, scientists, entrepreneurs and talent . More than that, the UAE offers its residents a high quality of life, world-class education and healthcare; a state-of-the-art infrastructure; a conducive business environment; a high sense of security and safety; a variety of leisure and entertainment options; and places of worship for different religious communities.

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In the region in IMD’s World Competitiveness Index and 9th globally in 2021
Safest country worldwide (World Index) in 2021
Global Ease of doing business (The World Bank) in 2021
Arab country to reach Mars in 2021 with Hope probe
Arab country to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) issued by UNCTAD in the World Investment Report 2022
In the region for state-of-the-art infrastructure and connectivity and 10th globally in 2021
Global Entrepreneurship Index in 2021
Global Logistics Performance Index in 2021
Globally in the DHL Connectedness Index
Global Competitiveness Report, GCR in 2019
In the region in Quality Infrastructure for Sustainable Development Index and 11th globally in 2022
Globally in the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index
In Global Innovation Index in 2021
In the region in the Global Knowledge Index 2021
As of January 2022 in Bloomberg’s COVID-Resilience ranking in 2021
Global Gender Inequality Index (GII-UNDP) in 2021

The Seven Emirates

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven independent Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah, and Ras al Khaimah. Each of the seven emirates have a unique value proposition.

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Abu Dhabi

  • Major emerging market
  • Strong government support for key industries
  • Abundant & competitively priced oil and gas feedstock
  • Presence of major international companies
  • Excellent infrastructure
Occupying of UAE's land
Chemical sector contribution in GDP
Petrochemicals contribution in GDP
No. of natural islands


  • Strategic location in the middle of the seven emirates, with a solid infrastructure and strong logistic facilities.
  • Investment opportunities in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), with minimum doing-business process and cost.
  • Excellent trade logistic services, labor market, and innovation capability.
  • Rapid GDP growth.
Manufacturing contribution in GDP
Companies, investors and entrepreneurs
Textile industry is first estimated value


  • Business confidence in Dubai reached its 3rd highest level in 10 years.
  • Best in the world telecom systems and uninterrupted power distribution systems.
  • A hyper-connected pro-business hub, Dubai delivers efficiency, security and a forward-looking ecosystem for accelerated growth.
in region in Global Financial Centres 2021
Globally for FDI -Attractiveness 2021
Important international shipping hub
World’s busiest airport


  • Large government facilities.
  • Independent port and airport, which facilitate the export of products and reduce transportation costs.
  • Mountain ranges full of mining materials with a sophisticated and modern infrastructure.
  • Excellent strategic location on the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean.
In top 3 oil storage hubs globally
World’s largest bunkering zone
Hajar mountains range of Fujairah
For crude oil storage

Ras Al Khaimah

  • High-tech industries as well as mining and commodities.
  • Free industrial lands to citizens with the possibility of foreigner participation.
  • Many natural resources such as cement, glass, ceramics.
Foreign ownership
Manufacturing contribution in GDP


  • Deep-rooted industrial supply chain (industrial clusters)
  • Highly competitive cost of operational activities
  • Adaptive environmental protection legislation and ground-breaking projects such as Sharjah Sustainable City
Strategic ports on the Arabian Gulf
industrial areas  in Sharjah
Years industrial supply chain

Umm Al Quwain

  • Modern infrastructure
  • Low cost of living and labor
  • Great location for import and export
  • Open investment climate
  • A stable economy
  • Best Free Zone for Start-ups and SMEs’ at the 5th UAE - India Economic Forum in 2019
Least populous Emirate
Industrial activity is food packaging
Industrial Sectors

Where to Invest


Success Stories

EDGE Group Testimonial

"Aligned to the main objectives of ‘Operation 300bn’ set out by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, EDGE is developing a defense industrial base in the UAE to generate in-country value, develop sovereign capabilities and position the UAE as a serious global player within the advanced technology industry. We are exporting made in the UAE products globally to contribute to the nation’s GDP.As part of our Industry 4.0 roadmap, we continue to lead the development of local and international talent to play our part in driving the UAE to become a world-leading hub of future technologies in full support of the national Value Added program".

Gracia Group Testimonial

"The (Make it in the Emirates) campaign illustrates the commitment of the UAE to growing the industrial sector by leading the agricultural sector and transforming productive farms into industrial production such as: greenhouses, process food, technology, etc. Governmental support is always the key to the success of any Emirati business".

G42 Healthcare Testimonial

"The UAE is a young, agile nation with a dynamic landscape perfect forAI-powered start-ups, SMEs, and MNCs. Its favorable taxation framework, forward-thinking leadership and ease of doing business help businesses thrive. In alignment with its Centennial 2071 plan, the nation is creating a roadmap to be an early adopter of AI in five key sectors – healthcare, energy, logistics and transport, tourism and hospitality, and cyber security. We at G42 Healthcare are committed to leveraging this growing ecosystemwith transformative partnerships and solutions, helping the nation transition from sick care to heath care"

Ashish Koshy
CEO, G42 Healthcare

Electrical Equipment and Electronics Success Story

"The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) is spearheading the UAE’s transformation into a global manufacturing hub for Industry 4.0, leveraging advanced technologies to create future-proof industries, including the manufacture of electrical equipment and electronics. With the focus on sustainability and building energy and water-efficient factories, we are fully supportive of these initiatives and are proud to partner with MoIAT to make the UAE the home of the factories of the future".

Ahmed Khashan
President Gulf Countries, Schneider Electric

Emirates Global Aluminum (EGA) Testimonial

"Our cooperation with the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology enables EGA to work with others to achieve our bold aspirations for the future, both for our company and our nation. In 2021, we joined the In-County Value program, a step forward in growing our economic contribution in the UAE. EGA already accounts for 1.4 per cent of the economy, and by further localizing procurement we will grow that further and help achieve the goals of Operation 300bn"

Abdulnasser Bin Khalban

Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory Group Testimonial

"Despite the challenges facing global economies,the UAE’s agile government has emerged wiser, stronger and more proactive in providing a platform for knowledge-based, sustainable and innovation-focused businesses of diverse sizes and backgrounds, delivering a transparent and forward-thinking business ecosystem".

Ghassan Saqqa
Founder & CEO, Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory Group

Al Gharbia Pipe Company Success Story

"Al Gharbia Pipe Company was established in 2015 and started production in 2019. By the end of 2021, they had expanded their workforce to 190, effectively serving local industry and beyond. The ‘Make it in the Emirates’ campaign was the driving force that enabled Al Gharbia to expand their operation, leverage advanced technologies, and prioritize operational excellence in manufacturing globally reputed products. The resulting cost optimization and value chain enabled them to compete with importers to the UAE. Just two years after launching commercial production, they were awarded all ADNOC steel pipe orders, from simple drilling casing and onshore and offshore sour pipelines, meeting some of the most stringent requirements in the world".

MASDAR Success Story

"Masdar is supporting the UAE’s leading position as an early mover in hydrogen through its focus on green hydrogen produced from renewable energy. Leveraging the UAE’s natural advantages, like world-leading solar resources, Masdar is playing a key role in developing green hydrogen solutions - from sustainable aviation fuel to green hydrogen hubs – in line with the objectives of both Operation 300bn and “Make it in the Emirates”.

AstraGene Testimonial

"MoIAT helped us in a big way at the beginning stages of our company. They introduced us to Emirates Development Bank and helped us secure an infrastructure loan as well as working capital which helped us to enhance our production. We were supported by DHA and exhibited at their stand as part of the “Made in Dubai” initiative. ‘Make it in the Emirates’ is an admirable program from the UAE Government. Entrepreneurs in the UAE have a number of unique advantages. The UAE is a stable, peaceful, tolerant, and multiracial country. It is well connected by air and sea (for export and import). There is a great transparency of governance with easy access to government officials. We have an excellent infrastructure and a number of government programs to enhance investment. The most important is the great vision of the country’s leaders with supportive government leaders and officials wanting UAE to be the best country to live in the world".

Dr. Palat K Menon
Founder & CEO, AstraGene

Space Technology Success Story

"Our startup success could not have been possible without the support from the UAE Space Agency, Mohammed Bin Rashed Space Agency, and Khalifa University. It is also a recognition of the achievements of Emirati innovators and a testimony to our advanced technology and its great potential in servicing the UAE and supporting the local innovation ecosystem.We are also thankful to Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, Abu Dhabi Ports and Abu Dhabi Municipality for providing great guidance".

Dr. Palat K Menon
Founder & CEO, AstraGene

HOTPACK Success Story

"Hotpack Packaging Industries, established in 1995, has become the largest manufacturer of disposable food packaging products in the region and credits this impressive growth to the technological and manufacturing space across the UAE, excellent infrastructure, low tax, global connectivity, and the support from the UAE Government. Starting with a workforce of three, they now have 12 manufacturing divisions, 3500+ products, 3300+ employees, 42 retail outlets, and 27 branches worldwide. Their 3 million square foot manufacturing area, with state-of-the-art equipment and 100,000+ pallet locations serving logistics and warehousing, supports exports to over 100+ countries. In addition, all its factories have achieved the prestigious double Grade A (AA) certification from the International Gold standard, BRCGS".

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