Pyrolysis Reactor Facility

Pyrolysis Reactor Facility

Opportunity Overview & Value Propositions

Facility to streamline the “waste to energy” recycling process by including both “pre-treatment” and” pyrolysis” activities producing Recycled Polymer Feed (RFP) to be fed to either the existing “Naphtha” or “Fluid Catalytic” Cracker in the UAE

Value Propositions:

Phase 1:

  • Capture 40kt/yr of plastic grade feedstock
  • 40 kt/yr needed at a pre-treatment level
  • Extract ~30kt/year for reactor inlet @ 75% conversion
  • Reactor feedstock will be converted to RPF at approximately 85% conversion, yielding 25 kt/yr


Phase 2:

  • ~45% of unutilized Feedstock unlocked
  • Laws & regulations limiting exports and legalizing recycling
  • Additional capacity available for recycling


Long-Term: (+5years):

  • ~65% of unutilized Feedstock unlocked
  • Sourcing and sorting infrastructure of local waste will increase feedstock availability



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126.6 Mn

Investment size (AED) for a typical facility


Plant capacity per year


Projected IRR

15.43 Mn

Projected NPV (AED)

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

  • High
    localization in UAE
  • Limited
    localization in UAE
  • Mid
    localization in UAE
Waste Collection and Sorting
Sorting and Separation
Recycled Polymer Feed (RPF)
Feed to Naphtha Cracker/FCC

Market Size Bar Chart

Global and UAE market size
2022-2032 (Bn AED)

Pyrolysis Reactor Facility

Success Stories

HOTPACK Success Story

"Hotpack Packaging Industries, established in 1995, has become the largest manufacturer of disposable food packaging products in the region and credits this impressive growth to the technological and manufacturing space across the UAE, excellent infrastructure, low tax, global connectivity, and the support from the UAE Government. Starting with a workforce of three, they now have 12 manufacturing divisions, 3500+ products, 3300+ employees, 42 retail outlets, and 27 branches worldwide. Their 3 million square foot manufacturing area, with state-of-the-art equipment and 100,000+ pallet locations serving logistics and warehousing, supports exports to over 100+ countries. In addition, all its factories have achieved the prestigious double Grade A (AA) certification from the International Gold standard, BRCGS".

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