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Notification of Conformity Assessment Bodies

Last updated on 19/12/2021

The notification service is the process of approving a conformity assessment body following the technical requirements and regulations issued by the Ministry. Which will be authorized to issue conformity certificates and badges on behalf of the Ministry following the requirements of Cabinet Resolution No. 35 of 2015.

Service Procedure

  • Login or Register to the Ministry services digital platform
  • Apply to “Notification of Conformity Assessment Bodies”
  • Attach all required documents and forms specified in the application form.
  • Payment of fees.
  • document review by the designated employee
  • Carryout evaluation process
  • Obtain the certificate


  • A valid trade license in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Providing a happiness center for the customers according to the requirements of the global 7-star rating system.
  • Signing the “Agreement between the Ministry and the applicant” by the senior management of the applicant.
  • A valid registration certificate issued by the Ministry.
  • A valid accreditation certificate issued by the national accreditation system ENAS or anybody approved for accreditation by the Ministry for the submitted field.
  • Quality and procedures manual, including assessment procedures and procedures for conformity assessment systems.
  • The policy of independence and impartiality is approved by the applicant's senior management.
  • Describe the independence of the applicant conformity assessment body from the concerned and competent authority, especially when the applicant body is a public body/institution.
  • An official liability insurance coverage policy with a minimum coverage amount of 3,000,000 dirhams issued by an insurance company operating in the country.
  • A list of the names of all employees (permanent and non-permanent contracts, external contracts) with a document detailing the duties and responsibilities of the front office employees working in the field of notification.
  • A description of the capabilities of the inspection bodies and the accredited system certification bodies.
  • Documents proving sufficient basic competencies in the conformity assessment body, to evaluate, select, contract, and verify the efficiency of the activities of the bodies to be subcontracted.
  • List of entities accredited by the applicant for subcontracting with a description of the contracting field.
  • Documents used for checklists.
  • Full details of all activities licensed and implemented by the entity in the United Arab Emirates (that are not mentioned in the field applied for)
  • Details of accredited laboratories owned by the applicant and all testing facilities.
  • A document dealing with fairness and equality with customers approved by the senior management of the applicant.
  • Qualifications Matrix and Criteria.

General Documents

File Name : serviceguide2022eng File Size : 1219 KB Filter Type : application/pdf
File Name : serviceguide2022arb File Size : 2204 KB Filter Type : application/pdf


File Name : User Guide - AR - Notification of CAB File Size : 712 KB Filter Type : application/pdf
File Name : User Guide - EN - Notification of CAB File Size : 794 KB Filter Type : application/pdf


Q) How can I notify conformity assessment bodies and what are the requirements?


Service Procedure

  • Register on the Ministry’s online e-services platform
  • Apply for service
  • Attach the required documents
  • Application review
  • Payment of fees
  • Document review process
  • Evaluation process
  • Final decision
  • Certificate is obtained


  • Valid UAE trade license
  • Valid registration certificate, issued by MoIAT
  • Valid accreditation certificate issued through ENAS or any approved accreditation body acceptable in the relevant field
  • Quality and procedures manual, including assessment procedures and conformity assessment systems
  • Policy for Independence and Impartiality approved by the Applicant’s top management
  • Description on the independence of the conformity assessment body from the designating authority and from the relevant authority, in particular when this body is a public entity/institution
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage with a minimum coverage of AED 3,000,000 - issued by an insurance agency operating in the country
  • List of all employees (permanent, non-permanent, external contracts) with a Duties and Responsibilities document for employees involved in the scope of notification submitted with the application
  • Description of accredited inspection capabilities and certification system
  • Documents demonstrating adequate core competence within the conformity assessment body for assessing, selecting, contracting, and verifying the competence and validity of subcontractors’ activities
  • List of Accredited Subcontractors including a clear description on the subcontracted scope of work
  • Documents used for checklists
  • Full details on other licensed activities (not covered in the scope) carried out by the CAB in the UAE
  • Details on owned accredited laboratories and testing facilities
  • Nondiscriminatory policy when dealing with clients signed by top management
  • Qualification matrix/criteria

Service Overview

National Accreditation Services
Service Fees
1000 dirhams for application
2500 dirhams for reviewing or evaluating the quality manual and documents (for each evaluation/revision process) (if necessary)
3000 dirhams for the assessment of the conformity assessment body (field / remote) (per assessor / per day) (if necessary)
15,000 dirhams for Issuance of a certificate of appointment of a conformity assessment body.
Total of 21,500 - 24,500 dirhams
Service Time
50 Working Days
Service provision times
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Sustainable Goals

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