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Notification of Conformity Assessment Bodies

Last updated on 22/06/2021

Issuance of notification certificate according to the technical requirements of the cabinet resolution No. 35 for the year 2015.

Service Procedure

Registration in the digital platform of MOIAT

  • Apply
  • Upload the required Documents
  • Payment of fees
  • Documents review
  • Onsite assessment.
  • Receipt of the certificate


  • Valid UAE Trade License
  • Clients Happiness Center According to the Global Star Rating System
  • Agreement between ESMA and the Applicant signed by applicant’s top management
  • Accreditation Certificates issued either by ENAS or any MOIAT approved accreditation body for the applied scope as a notified body.
  • Registration Certificate from MOIAT as a Product Certification Body
  • Quality Manual and Procedures including procedures for evaluation and conformity assessment schemes
  • Policy for Independence and Impartiality of the Applicant approved by top management.
  • Description of independence of the conformity assessment body from the designating authority and from the competent authority, in particular when this body is a public entity/institution
  • Professional Liability Insurance Coverage with a minimum amount of coverage of AED 3,000,000
  • List of All Qualified personnel per scope (permanent, non-permanent, external) with Duties and Responsibilities of personnel involved in the applied scope of notification activities
  • Description of accredited inspection and system certification capabilities
  • Documentation demonstrating adequate core competence within the conformity assessment body to assess, select, contract, and to verify the appropriateness and validity of subcontractor activities
  • List of Accredited Subcontractors including detailed document specifying a clear description of the subcontracted work
  • Checklist/Forms
  • Full details of other licensed activities (not covered in the scope) being carried out by the CAB in the UAE
  • Details of own accredited laboratories and testing facilities
  • Nondiscriminatory policy when dealing with clients signed by top management
  • Qualification matrix/Qualification criteria

Service Overview

National Accreditation Services
Service Fees
Service Time
50 Days
Sustainable Goals

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