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Renew Industrial Production License

Last updated on 23/06/2021

Renewal of the industrial production license in the ministry's industrial register, and this certificate is provided to companies to which the requirements of industrial licensing apply.

Service Procedure

  • Applying in the digital platform for ministry services
  • Study of the application by the competent staff member Issuing the renewal of the license in the application of the conditions
  • Reject the application if the conditions do not apply
  • Refer the request for inspection to ensure that certain conditions are met
  • Payment of inspection fees
  • Inspector visits factory
  • When the inspection report is approved, the certificate is issued and the service is received.


Photo industrial license issued by the competent local authority valid

Service Overview

Industrial Services
Industrial Production License
Service Fees
500 AED - AED 100 per month in case of delayed renewal, up to a maximum of AED 1000
Service Time
3 Working Days
Sustainable Goals

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