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Modify Industrial Production License

Last updated on 22/06/2021

This service allows a factory to update and modify its data in the Industrial Register such as address, owners, activities, etc.

Service procedure

  • Apply electronically through the Ministry's digital service platform
  • Study demand and audit the following data and attachments: trade name, legal entity, change of owners, change of financial statements, change of raw material record, change of product record, change of communication data, capital and workers
  • Payment of fees
  • Approval of the application if the data and attachments are correct
  • Payment of application and inspection fees
  • Conduct an inspection of the facility to ensure that it complies with the requirements of the industrial license.
  • Approval of amendment if data and attachments are correct
  • Reject the application if the data and attachments are incorrect


  • Attach documents that the customer wishes to amend.
  • (trade name, legal entity, change of owners, capital) is provided:
  • - Photo from the local license valid

    - A copy of the amended partnership contract.

    - A copy of the salvation of the registration of the citizen and the passport and residence of the non-citizen

  • ( change financial statements, change raw material record, change product record, change factory address), no documents are attached.
  • - (repositioning, changing activity) is provided:
  • - A copy of the local license.

    - Map (location chart).

    - Inspection report

    - (Employment) is provided (workers' disclosure from the Ministry of Labor).

  • The existence of the amendment in the local license certificate.

Service Overview

Industrial Services
Industrial Production License
Service Fees
250 AED - Inspection fee 100 AED
Service Time
3 Days
Sustainable Goals

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