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Issue Value-Added Certificate

Last updated on 22/06/2021

This service benefits factories with an industrial production license, where the system calculates the added value (percentage of the national component in the final product) based on the financial statements of the factory, and the percentage of the national component in the total production costs must not be less than 40% so that the factory can register in the system of certificates of origin in the Ministry of Economy to export its products out of the country.

Service procedure

  • Apply through the digital platform for ministry services
  • Payment of fees
  • Application Review
  • Issue the certificate in case of approval


  • Financial statements for the plant's last fiscal year include:
  • -Balance sheet

    -Income list

    -Detailed analysis of the cost of sales and general and administrative expenses.

  • Attach raw material invoices purchased from local or Gulf factories for the same year

Service Overview

Industrial Services
Value-Added Certificate
Service Fees
Service Time
3 day
Sustainable Goals

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