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Issue of value-added certificate

Last updated on 22/06/2021

Factories that have an industrial production license benefit from this service, as the system calculates the added value (the percentage of the national component in the final product) based on the factory’s financial data, and the percentage of the national component in the total production costs must not be less than 40% for the factory to be able to register in the Ministry of Economy certification of origin system to export its products outside the country.

Service procedure

  • Login or Register to the Ministry services digital platform
  • Apply to “Issue of value-added certificate”
  • Payment of fees
  • Application review by the designated employee to check application data and attachments
  • Issuance of the certificate if approved


  • The financial statements for the last fiscal year of the factory include:
  • -Balance sheet

    -Income list

    -Detailed analysis of the cost of sales and general and administrative expenses.

  • Attach raw material invoices purchased from local or Gulf factories for the same year
  • Letters from Emirati or Gulf manufacturers indicating the value of the purchased materials and the year of supply must be identical to the last fiscal year
  • If the supplier is not the factory itself, a letter is required that states the supplier is an agent for an Emirati / Gulf factory, so that the invoices and certificates to be approved

General Documents

File Name : serviceguide2022eng File Size : 1219 KB Filter Type : application/pdf
File Name : serviceguide2022arb File Size : 2204 KB Filter Type : application/pdf


File Name : Issue Value-Added Certificate File Size : 266 KB Filter Type : application/pdf
File Name : UserManual - Issue Value-Added Certificate File Size : 702 KB Filter Type : application/pdf


Q) What are the requirements for the service, and how can I apply for it?


Service Procedure

  • Login to the Ministry’s online e-services platform
  • Submit an application
  • Payment of fees
  • Application will be reviewed by relevant official
  • Certificate is issued if approved


  • Financial statements for the factory’s last fiscal year, including: - Balance sheet - Income list - Detailed analysis that covers the cost of sales, along with general and administrative expenses
  • Attach invoices for raw material purchased from local or GCC factories in the same year

Q) Is an industrial production license mandatory?

Service Overview

Industrial Licensing Services
Value-Added Certificate
Service Fees
Service Time
5 Working Days
Service provision times
24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Sustainable Goals

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