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Issue License to use the Emirates Quality Mark

Last updated on 24/06/2021

issuing a license to use the Emirates Quality Mark for products for a period of three years, confirming their conformity with the approved standard specifications, and confirming the facility's commitment to the specific requirements of the Emirates Quality Mark system

Service Procedure

  • Login or Register to the digital platform for the Ministry's services
  • Apply to Service
  • Upload the required Documents
  • Payment of fees
  • Documents review
  • Factory assessment
  • Receipt of the certificate


  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License. (or declaration or accountability)
  • Test Report from Accredited laboratory based on approved standard by MOIAT
  • Factory assessment Report
  • Electronic Declaration of continuity of Conformity.

General Documents

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File Name : Issue License to use the Emirates Quality Mark File Size : 239 KB Filter Type : application/pdf
File Name : UserManual AR - Issue License to use the Emirates Quality Mark File Size : 711 KB Filter Type : application/pdf


Q) How can I obtain the Emirates Quality Mark?


Service Procedure

  • Login or register on the Ministry’s online e-services platform
  • Apply for service
  • Attach the required documents
  • Payment of fees
  • Review the document
  • Facility field visit
  • Certificate is obtained


  • Valid UAE Industry/Trade License (or declaration of accountability for factories outside the UAE)
  • Test report from an accredited laboratory based on approved standards by the relevant authority
  • Factory field visit
  • Online declaration of conformity

Service Overview

Conformity Services
Emirates Quality Mark
Service Fees
Conducting a technical assessment to obtain a license for national conformity marks: 2,500 per day and per resident - Issuance of a license certificate for the use of national marks of conformity, for a period of three years, from the Ministry or a specific conformity assessment body: 2000 dirhams
Service Time
6 Working Days

o Applications will be canceled after 6 months without completing the requirements by the Applicant o Inspections and oversight of the facility will be carried out on an annual basis o A maximum of 1000 models/products are accepted per application
Sustainable Goals

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