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Halal Service Directory

UAE Halal System aims to build confidence in halal products in accordance in accordance
with UAE Halal Requirements.
In this page you will find open data related to Approved Accreditation Bodies for the scope of Halal, Registered Halal Certification Bodies, and Approved Halal Slaughter Houses 

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# Country Halal Certification Body Issue Date Expiry Date Status Registration Certificate
Halal Certification Body

Majelis Ulama Indonesia (LPPOM MUI)

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HCB Details

Building 3rd Floor, Jl. Proklamasi No.51, Menteng‐Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 0025114056

Registration Scope:

Food Products, Cosmetics Products, Slaughter Houses

Scope Details:

N: Cosmetics, A: Others, B: Others, C: Others, D: Others, E: Others, F: Others, G: Others, H: Others, I: Others, J: Others, K: Others, L: Others, M: Others, N: Others

Accreditation Body:

National Accreditation Body of Indonesia

Issue Date
Expiry Date
Registration Certificate

Approved Halal Slaughter Houses

list of approved halal slaughter houses

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