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Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists offers innovative solutions to address future challenges and stimulate scientists, research in the UAE

H.E. Sarah Al Amiri chairs first meeting of second cycle of MBRAS, attended by scientists with outstanding achievements, unique scientific contributions

Her Excellency Sarah bint Yousef Al Amiri, UAE Minister of State for Advanced Technology and Chairperson of the Emirates Scientists Council (ESC), today chaired the first meeting of the second cycle of Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists (MBRAS), which was held virtually.

H.E. Al Amiri highlighted the importance of advancing the UAE’s science and technology ecosystem to expand its influence, shape national scientific policies and help achieve key objectives of national strategies, such as the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, Operation 300bn.

In her keynote, H.E. Al Amiri, said: “We follow the views of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, who said: ‘Investment in developing the capabilities of ‎scientists and researchers and involving them in planning for the future is key to the prosperity of any society’.

“Scientists in the UAE have a pivotal role in creating enterprises, setting visions, developing plans and initiatives, contributing to national strategies and realizing their goals, besides enriching the science landscape – locally and internationally.

H.E. Al Amiri said the formation of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, which occurred since the last meeting of the MBRAS, has created a new and vital direction for the development of innovative science and technology concepts that can deliver real-world impact in the UAE.

“The joining of the advanced technology and industry portfolios into one ministry means we now have a ministry with a mandate dedicated to research and development. That includes everything from basic research to commercialization and implementation, all the way through to industrial impact.

Second cycle


During the meeting, H.E. Al Amiri welcomed new members, and thanked members from previous cycle for their contributions and efforts. She emphasized that social and economic growth can be realized only through cooperation between teams to develop the UAE’s R&D ecosystem, and align them with national priorities, and optimize mechanisms to oversee their impact on achieving scientific growth.

H.E. Al Amiri explained that the second cycle comprises 150 new members and associates including high impact scientists from the country. A total of 64 new members are researchers and scientists, 46 are specialized affiliates, and 40 are young affiliates.

MBRAS criteria

Infographic 1: Membership Criteria

During the meeting, which convened the UAE’s leading scientific minds, several ideas to support the development of scientific research, as well as concepts, initiatives, and projects to chalk out policies and programs were discussed.

The meeting also called upon the UAE’s scientists to present their ideas and challenges with proposed solutions, future plans, visions, and scientific initiatives to achieve national strategies and objectives, and enriching the scientific landscape locally and regionally.

Ali Al Hashmi, Director of S&T Policies and Programs Department in the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, said that MBRAS significantly contributes to formulating scientific policies that support the country’s scientific, economic, and social goals for the next 50 years.

Al Hashmi said strengthening the science community’s role would enhance links between the scientists and the general community, especially in engineering, technology, health, and medical sciences, as well as natural sciences.

Five specialized committees and three advisory boards


MBRAS comprises five specialized committees. In addition to the newly created Women and Youth Committees, MBRAS includes a Members Selection Committee, a Science Communication Committee, and an Outreach Committee.

The Women Committee will represent women within the local scientific community and will advocate for advancing their opportunities in the STEM fields. Meanwhile, the Youth Committee will focus on young scientists in the country to guarantee their participation and ensure their opinions and suggestions are heard.

MBRAS also includes three advisory boards which include experts which specialize in health & medical sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology.

MBRAS Committees

Infographic 2: MBRAS Committees


Largest scientific assembly


MBRAS, the UAE scientific community’s largest assembly, includes more than 100 top scientists and researchers from the UAE and the broader science community with expertise in the fields of engineering, technology, natural sciences, and health & medical sciences. They play a key role in supporting the nation’s mission to become a global leader for science and technology.

MBRAS aims to advise the UAE government’s bodies on the best policies that can be designed and adopted. This helps realize development plans related to investing in the scientific community, while benefiting from the expertise of brilliant local and global minds.

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July 07, 2021



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