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The Industrial Development Sector

In line with efforts to empower the UAE's industrial sector and expand its contribution to GDP, the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) functions as an integrated national system and strives to achieve the national strategy for industry and advanced technology.

The Industrial Development Sector's most prominent work in 2021 included the National In-Country Value (ICV) Program, which was launched as one of the UAE's 'Projects of the 50'. It successfully redirected AED 41.4 billion to the national economy and saw a remarkable turnout with 13 major national institutions and 45 federal entities joining the program. The program promotes economic growth and increases development opportunities for the industrial sector and various businesses.

The Industrial Development Sector is among the most vital sectors contributing to MoIAT's strategic objectives. In particular, it boosts the growth of national industries and enhances their competitiveness. The sector consists of two departments, the Department of Industrial Policies and Legislation and the Department of National Added Value. These two departments continually collaborate to improve their operations.

The Department of Industrial Policies and Legislation, through its two subdivisions, the Industrial Policies and Legislation Development Subdivision and the Paradigm Shift Development Subdivision, focuses on formulating studies and analyses on key regional and global industrial trends. The department then evaluates these trends' impact on strategies and legislation related to industrial activities in the nation. It monitors national industrial products' competitiveness and develops studies and legislation that help implement strategic initiatives related to the industrial sector. The department achieves this through mapping and prioritizing industries in cooperation with relevant authorities, thus encouraging national transformation across new fields and enhancing their role in global value-added industries.

In an integrative context, the Department of National Added Value's team, through its two subdivisions, the Program Development Subdivision and the Program Operations Subdivision, oversees improving performance. This is achieved by proposing and formulating policies, strategies, legislation, and programs that promote and empower the industrial sector's national products and local content.

Its work also covers designing and refining the main components of the National ICV Program and its related procedures, which includes drafting legislation, guidelines and policies. This encompasses building a database containing all supplier data and criteria for granting national ICV certificates to companies, alongside following up on the program's application within the procurement systems of relevant government agencies and entities.

The Department is also developing essential procedures to manage and implement the Make it in the Emirates program and align national products with the program's main objectives. These procedures include linking the National ICV Program to incentives that promote industrial development. They also help establish partnerships with participating entities though managing the incentives program and analyzing all the data received from suppliers. This includes data analysis, regular reports and interviews, and coordination with auditing and licensing authorities to implement the required administrative procedures.

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March 31, 2022

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