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World Standards Day

We implement dozens of workshops and awareness programs for our strategic partners and the general public every year to provide them with the necessary knowledge and specifications.

The slogan of the current year is in line with the efforts of the legislative body, where we adopt parallel awareness efforts in order to reach a culture of specifications and quality to all segments of society.

The choice of this year's World Standards Day logo, which is associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is directly in line with the UAE's strategy to transform itself into a smart country that harnesses technology tools in line with global best practices, leading the development of government services to regional, Then move to the stage of employing artificial intelligence techniques to delight human beings. The number of UAE and Gulf standards approved in the UAE up to this year is 23,472, which is distributed over various economic, knowledge and development sectors, from health, management and information systems to construction, mechanics, electricity, oil and gas, to agriculture and food, Scales and others.

ESMA is responsible for developing this profile at the federal level, adopting the development of specifications that serve the society and the national economy. Besides the artificial intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution, we have precise specifications in the construction and construction sectors, oil and gas, information, health sector and management systems. , Mechanical, electricity, scales, food and agriculture, chemistry, textiles and others.

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November 25, 2018

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