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Digital Consultation

Digital Consultation

Ministry of industry and advanced technology conducted the practice of e consultation and e-decision making within the principles of modern government administration in a manner that introduces new ideas related to improving and upgrading e-services or the ministry's policies by engaging the public and users. We also invite you to participate through our available channel on Sharik.ae, Do not hesitate to share your opinion.

It is based on a two-way dialogue between the MOIAT and its users, allows them to contribute directly to a decision about a service or policy.

From May 08, 2023 - September 30, 2023 Imported Used Vehicle Technical Requirements

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The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology has launched a smart e-service for issuing licenses for imported used vehicles. It was launched in compliance with national requirements prohibiting the import, licensing and insuring of 7 types of vehicles, including burnt out, scrapped, flooded, disassembled cars, as well as cars damaged beyond repair and those with major manufacturing defects. The system excludes imported light vehicles for re-export.


The service provides a reliable and easily accessible database linked to the databases of government agencies around the world, boost consumer confidence and helping consumers verify products.


Service objectives:

         Protect consumers from unsafe products

         Contribute to reducing traffic accidents resulting from unsafe vehicles

         Contribute to reducing financial losses due to unsafe products

         Contribute to reducing the environmental impact resulting from certain vehicles

         Support the national economy by preventing the import of products that do not conform to national requirements

         Support national efforts to enhance the quality of life of residents and citizens


Decision making:

The public's opinions and suggestions will be taken into consideration in future improvement plans

From July 01, 2023 - October 01, 2023 Consultation: The UAE Scheme of Notification

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The national accreditation department (NAD), reporting directly to the chairman of ministry of industry and advanced technology (MoIAT), offers three crucial services which hold the key to the development of national economy through the processes of registration, accreditation, and notification in the order of increasing economic significance. The focus of this blog is on the notification.  In the simplest terms notification refers to the process where MoIAT outsources its certification service to certification bodies situated in the UAE. Such certification bodies may be private or governmental. Certification bodies across the borders of the nation are equally eligible to participate in these business opportunities. These certification activities are for those schemes which are aimed to protect the safety of the consumers in the UAE, and hence their implementation is mandatory. Thus, notification promotes both the national economy as well as safety.

Certification bodies who wish to become notified bodies are required fulfil the following prerequisites: They shall be having (1) valid (a) trade license, (b) registration in the appropriate scope, (c) accreditation in the precise field(s) of the given scheme, and (2) the professional indemnity and the required resources to operate the certification. On fulfilling the above prerequisites, the certification bodies shall demonstrate their competence through the successful completion of audit conducted by MoIAT. The notified bodies, on behalf of MoIAT, are entitled to issue product conformity certificates and E mark to the products / processes / services of the manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

The Goal:

To create massive awareness amongst the existing and potential competent certification bodies, from UAE and abroad, about various UAE notification schemes to encourage them to take part in sharing the growing revenue while protecting the safety of consumers.


Already several certification bodies, local and international, have completed the notification process and became notified bodies. Still there are enormous opportunities to enter the business and make it a competitive one!

From August 11, 2023 - November 11, 2023 Industrial Production License Consultation

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This service enables businesses to register on the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology's (MoIAT) industrial registry. The license is issued to companies that meet the requirements of industrial licensing. After obtaining the license, the factory can benefit from a range of benefits provided by the ministry to support the UAE's industrial sector.

One of the key advantages is the customs duty exemption for industrial inputs (machinery, equipment, and raw materials). Additionally, the licensed company can request a value-added certificate, which qualifies it for a Certificate of Origin from the Ministry of Economy. This helps the factory export products, in addition to obtaining the 'Made in the Emirates' mark, which enhances consumer trust and provides an indication of compliance with quality and safety standards. The mark also boosts the competitiveness of UAE-made products internationally.

Registering also enables the factory, upon approval, to provide data on the availability of certain imported raw materials to ministry stakeholders. This facilitates the sourcing process, contributing to an increased reliance on locally sourced raw materials.



·       Raise public awareness and enhance awareness about the Industrial Production License service.

·       Introduce additional benefits for manufacturers holding the license.

·       Increase stakeholder awareness on the importance of providing data on imported raw materials.



·       Increased interest in the service, and stakeholder awareness of the additional benefits.

·       More awareness among suppliers on the possibility of sourcing raw materials from local markets.

·       Better public awareness on the importance of purchasing UAE-made products.

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