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Emirates Sustainable Agriculture label: A comprehensive national framework to improve food security, drive major investments

Eng. Ahlam Ali Al Marzouqi - Ministry of Industry And advanced Technology 

The food products and AgTech sector plays a key role in efforts to advance the industrial sector and enhance its competitiveness, in line with the objectives set out by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology's (MoIAT) Strategy, which focuses on vital sectors that bolster the national economy.

The UAE government considers food security a fundamental enabler of development. It remains committed to drafting plans and policies aimed at sustainable food production by utilizing modern technologies and innovative ideas that can improve local production in sectors such as sustainable agriculture.

In 2020, the UAE Cabinet launched the National System for Sustainable Agriculture, which targets boosting the UAE's agricultural self-sufficiency, improving the sector's economic returns, and increasing investments in it. The system is managed by MoIAT and was developed under the AgTech Accelerators program.

MoIAT aims to bolster food security nationally, deploying advanced technology to boost the food sector's productivity through sustainable agriculture, and increase investments, thereby enacting proactive changes in food and agricultural systems.

MoIAT's Conformity Sector manages granting conformity certificates for the national Emirates Sustainable Agriculture Label. The label is a national emblem adopted by MoIAT for facilities producing crops, livestock, and aquaculture to reflect that these facilities meet the administrative, economic, social and environmental standards of sustainable agriculture.

MoIAT grants the label for 3-years, therefore ensuring sustainable development in managing natural resources for food products. This is implemented in accordance with the UAE's National System for Sustainable Agriculture, which is a comprehensive framework that covers economic, social and environmental requirements. The system also identifies whether crops are produced and processed sustainably.

The provisions of the UAE National System for Sustainable Agriculture apply to farms, agricultural products, and economic activities related to the local production of crops, livestock, and aquaculture. Investors in sustainable agriculture, livestock and aquaculture can apply to obtain the conformity certificate by visiting MoIAT's website (www.moiat.gov.ae).

The National Emirates Sustainable Agriculture Label demonstrates the ability of sustainable farm owners to ensure their facilities' adherence to sustainable agriculture standards, including using resources that do not harm the environment. It also enhances their products' market exposure and competitiveness, while indicating that they meet best local and global practices. The label unlocks new markets for sustainable agricultural exports and encourages farm owners to produce more efficiently through following farming methods that reduce waste and optimize resource usage, most notably water and energy.

Across markets, consumers can easily identify sustainable crops, livestock and aquaculture products that have obtained the Emirates Sustainable Agriculture Label shown below:

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February 15, 2024

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