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Advanced Technology & Sustainability Bonus


Manufacturing companies interested in revising their ICV score after completing the ITTI assessment are asked to contact their certifying bodies to revise their ICV score for no additional fees.

You can now visit the following website to apply for the ITTI assessment: ITTI

What is the ITTI?

ITTI is a comprehensive tool for the manufacturing industry to measure their plant's digital and sustainability maturity, and provide a customized roadmap for smarter, more sustainable production. ITTI is based on a one-day on-site assessment, followed by the development of a recommendations report for improvements generating the highest business impact.


Why Industry 4.0 - Sustainability


Promote sustainability and efficient resource management

Why Industry 4.0 - Productivity


Accelerate innovation in the manufacturing community.

Why Industry 4.0 - Productivity


Improve industry competitiveness through technology adoption

ITTI Score Linkage to ICV


Complete the below form to have your manufacturing plant assessed by the 4th Industrial Revolution Index

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