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Technology Transformation Program


Launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Technology Transformation Program (TTP) is designed to supercharge the UAE’s industrial transformation and help turn the country into a global hub for Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and industries of the future. The key initiatives of the TTP are Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI), Industry 4.0 Enablement Centers, Factory of the Future Awards, the Advanced Technology National Testbeds and Advanced Technology Incentives.​

The Technology Transformation Program (TTP) aims to accelerate the pace technology transformation in the UAE’s priority sectors as part of the National Industrial and Advanced Technology strategy, Operation 300bn. The program is built on 5 pillars: Research & Development, building capabilities, boosting partnerships, incentives, and providing access to platforms for technology testing and piloting. The pillars will strategically activate the supporting systems for the adoption and development of advanced technology and will enhance the competitiveness of the UAE’s priority sectors.​

The key initiatives of the TTP are Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI), Industry 4.0 Enablement Centers, Factory of the Future Awards, the Advanced Technology National Testbeds and Advanced Technology Incentives.​ ​

The Program also presents an opportunity for national and international champions looking to play a leading role in the country’s progress journey. MoIAT is inviting manufacturers, tech startups and industrial champions to join the program to benefit from its initiatives and kick-start their transformation journey.​​


The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) and EDGE signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to establish the UAE’s first Industry 4.0 Enablement Centre aimed at promoting, enabling, and supporting the digital transformation and the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies across the country’s manufacturing sector.​

At the Enablement Centre the Ministry and EDGE Group leverage the offerings of the EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory (LIF) , through activities focused on learning, implementation, demonstration and innovation to the wider manufacturing ecosystem.​

Edge LIF provides an inspiring and immersive environment for learning, innovation and operational excellence​

The Enablement Centre at EDGE LIF hosts a series of initiatives that include: training courses and awareness sessions for industrialists, hackathon and pitch competitions for students and entrepreneurs, tours to local and international Industry 4.0 lighthouses and best adopters, tech talks, demonstrations and test beds.​

Industrial technology transformation index

Industrial technology transformation index

ITTI is a key pillar of the Technology Transformation Program, which aims to support technology transformation across key sectors. The Industrial Technology Transformation Index aims to measure Industry 4.0 and sustainability readiness in the manufacturing sector to drive sustainable technology.

For more information on ITTI:

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Factory of the Future awards

Factory of the future Full Description

Factory of Future Awards will support MoIAT’s effort to drive significant awareness and promote the adoption of advanced technologies within the industry

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EBD Financing & ICV


In partnership with EDB, the Advanced Technology financing package is designed to support the industrial sector in the country to shift towards advanced technology applications in the next five years, and will provide the necessary funding for companies and industrial entities seeking to adopt the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and improve their business model and product quality.


Companies in the UAE can now boost their National In-Country Value score by integrating advanced technology into their operations following an update to the National ICV Program’s formula. 

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology announced the update to encourage manufacturing companies in the UAE to adopt advanced technologies and 4IR solutions. The move aims to raise the sector’s competitiveness and sustainability in line with the objectives of the National Strategy for Industry and Advanced Technology, Operation 300 billion. Entities can increase their ICV score by up to 5 percent by participating in the recently launched Industrial Technology Transformation Index (ITTI), which enables them to demonstrate their level of advanced technology adoption and sustainability. This 5 percent Advanced Technology Bonus is added on top of the entity’s overall ICV score.

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