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Issuance of license Certificate to use National Conformity Marks

A license to use the national marks of conformity for products for three years, and also confirm the facility's commitment to the requirements specified for the national marks of
conformity (Emirati Quality Mark, Halal National Mark, Environmental Mark, Made in UAE Mark).

Issue Product Status Statement for Customs Shipment

Issuing a product status statement to release a customs shipment to facilitate and expedite the process of clearing customs shipments

Issuing conformity certificates for products according to health and safety requirements

Registration and issuance of a conformity certificate according to the Emirates Conformity Assessment Program (ECAS) confirm its conformity with the approved technical requirements.

Request Quantity Increase for a Registered Industrial Input

Submitted to increase the quantity in kilograms of previously added raw materials, semi-manufactured raw materials, and packaging materials, to be added to the factory quota. factories with industrial production licenses can utilize the service.

Request Registration of Industrial Input for Customs Duty Exemption

Submitting a request to register materials for customs exemption by factories that have an industrial production license for the factory quota.

Request Customs Duty Exemption for Industrial Inputs (Machinery, Equipment, and Raw Materials)

Submitting a request for customs duty exemption for factories that have an industrial production license after adding or increasing raw materials, machinery, equipment, and packaging materials to the factory quota

Announcements & Updates

We are committed to providing our clients with proactive and 100% Digital services. We are improving our service offerings on a weekly basis to provide you with an ability to access and request our services on a 24/7 basis.

We are preparing to improve our industrial licensing services through a new platform that is guaranteed to give our clients an improved customer experience, saving time and bringing transparency to those services.

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