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Pharmaceuticals Sector

Sector Overview

Currently, 80% of in-country pharmaceutical drug demand is met through imports, highlighting significant growth potential for the UAE pharmaceutical sector. The emphasis is on attracting international pharmaceutical companies into the country and developing local pharmaceutical product manufacturers. The combination of the two will achieve self-sufficiency, meet the needs of a growing population and, importantly, build knowledge and expertise locally. In addition, the UAE is investing in emerging vaccine methods and innovative drugs and is poised to become a key pharmaceutical research and development hub.

Although the UAE already ranks among the fastest nations for drug approvals, it plans to further shorten the timeline for the approval of medical products.


Sector Key Numbers

USD 355 per capital

Expenditure on pharmaceuticals in 2020, from USD 344 in 2019

1% of MVA

Pharma constitutes only 1% of the Manufacturing Value Add (2018)


The sector’s contribution to the GDP is projected to increase by 150% over the next 10 years

USD 1.4bn

UAE’s projected spend on generic drugs by 2030, translating to a CAGR of 7.3%


Explore The Sector

Targeted enablement to localize an integrated generic drug manufacturing value chain

The UAE is investing in emerging vaccine production methods

80% of local pharmaceutical drug demand has to be imported, which allows for significant growth in this sector through the localization of pharmaceutical drug manufacturing


Success Stories

G42 Healthcare Testimonial

"The UAE is a young, agile nation with a dynamic landscape perfect forAI-powered start-ups, SMEs, and MNCs. Its favorable taxation framework, forward-thinking leadership and ease of doing business help businesses thrive. In alignment with its Centennial 2071 plan, the nation is creating a roadmap to be an early adopter of AI in five key sectors – healthcare, energy, logistics and transport, tourism and hospitality, and cyber security. We at G42 Healthcare are committed to leveraging this growing ecosystemwith transformative partnerships and solutions, helping the nation transition from sick care to heath care"

Ashish Koshy
CEO, G42 Healthcare

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