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The rapid transformation of the UAE’s healthcare sector has been brought about by new medical technology – a step of particular importance in light of the global pandemic.

As a result, the focus is on further expanding the healthcare system by adopting innovative new technology and forging partnerships with leading hospitals, academic medical research entities, and medical technology companies.


Sector Key Numbers

USD +5bn

UAE demand of medicine per year

USD 1bn

The MVA in Medical Technology sector is expected to increase by USD 1bn in 2031


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The UAE is focused on expanding its healthcare system through providing an attractive environment for startups (e.g., Dubai Science Park, 10 local start-up incubators)

The UAE has the ability to leverage local academic research entities (e.g., Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Research Institute, Sharjah Institute of Medical & Health Sciences)

The UAE plans to further shorten the timeline for the approval of medical products (UAE already ranks among the fastest nations for drug approvals)

Secure low-cost financing for the medical sector.


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Success Stories

AstraGene Testimonial

"MoIAT helped us in a big way at the beginning stages of our company. They introduced us to Emirates Development Bank and helped us secure an infrastructure loan as well as working capital which helped us to enhance our production. We were supported by DHA and exhibited at their stand as part of the “Made in Dubai” initiative. ‘Make it in the Emirates’ is an admirable program from the UAE Government. Entrepreneurs in the UAE have a number of unique advantages. The UAE is a stable, peaceful, tolerant, and multiracial country. It is well connected by air and sea (for export and import). There is a great transparency of governance with easy access to government officials. We have an excellent infrastructure and a number of government programs to enhance investment. The most important is the great vision of the country’s leaders with supportive government leaders and officials wanting UAE to be the best country to live in the world".

Dr. Palat K Menon
Founder & CEO, AstraGene

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