Plantbased Alternative Proteins

Plant-based Alternative Proteins

Opportunity Overview & Value Propositions

Plant-based protein production involves the growing and processing of high protein crops (Soyabeans and Legumes) feedstock through extraction, formulation and texturization, with meat alternatives and oils as by-products

Value Propositions:

  • High prevalence of non-communicable diseases coupled with high income levels makes the UAE and broader GCC region prime markets for plant-based protein products
  • The production of plant-based meat has a 75% conversion rate compared to 20-25% in traditional meat processing; reducing waste within the food industry
  • Plant-based protein production requires 10 times less water than that of traditional protein sources, making it suitable for UAE’s conditions
  • The production plant can strengthen UAE’s meat supply chain resilience in the case of any market disruption and improving the overall food national security
  • Plant-based protein is significantly more cost-effective compared to other alternative proteins (cultured meat) and complies with the regional religious and cultural norms
  • The UAE has the potential to be the regional leader in sustainable alternative food production by being a first mover in entering this market



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156 Mn

Investment size (AED) for a typical facility


Plant capacity per year


Projected IRR

286.8 Mn

Projected NPV (AED)

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

  • High
    localization in UAE
  • Limited
    localization in UAE
  • Mid
    localization in UAE
Crop Production
First Processing
Second Processing
Final Production
Distribution & Shipping

Market Size Bar Chart

Global and UAE market size
2022-2032 (Bn AED)

Plantbased Alternative Proteins

Success Stories

Gracia Group Testimonial

"The (Make it in the Emirates) campaign illustrates the commitment of the UAE to growing the industrial sector by leading the agricultural sector and transforming productive farms into industrial production such as: greenhouses, process food, technology, etc. Governmental support is always the key to the success of any Emirati business".

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