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Caustic Soda Production

Caustic Soda Production

Opportunity Overview & Value Propositions

Caustic soda production plant involves the processing of salt (brine) feedstock through electrolysis, with both Hydrogen and Chlorine gases produced as by-products

Value Propositions:

  • Access to major local offtake agreement with EGA; a key pre-investment milestone
  • Wide availability of needed raw material (Salt/Brine) locally within the UAE
  • UAE is the fastest growing market and second largest for Caustic Soda in the region
  • Potential exports to major net importing regional markets (e.g. Europe), through utilizing UAE’s capabilities as a global logistics hub
  • Contributing to improving overall sustainability of local water desalination operations via brine purification and processing

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654 Mn

Investment size (AED) for a typical facility


Plant capacity per year


Projected IRR

62.4 Mn

Projected NPV (AED)

Value Chain

Value Chain Analysis

  • High
    localization in UAE
  • Limited
    localization in UAE
  • Mid
    localization in UAE
Raw Material
Brine Treatment
Post-electrolysis treatment
End Use Application

Market Size Bar Chart

Global and UAE market size
2022-2032 (Bn AED)

Caustic Soda Production

Success Stories

Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory Group Testimonial

"Despite the challenges facing global economies,the UAE’s agile government has emerged wiser, stronger and more proactive in providing a platform for knowledge-based, sustainable and innovation-focused businesses of diverse sizes and backgrounds, delivering a transparent and forward-thinking business ecosystem".

Ghassan Saqqa
Founder & CEO, Emirates Calcium Carbonate Factory Group

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